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Easy to Follow and Great Content
Awesome tutorials. This is great work; thanks a lot for all of these tutorials, and at a great price. The tutorials are easy to follow and understand and are very valuable for me. Teachmsoffice.com has helped me a lot in terms of increasing my Excel skills and learning how to master Excel. Keep up the good work!
- Sarah M.

Thank you so much!
Thank you so much! My professor was giving me a hard time with this...so I told him I will just figure it out on my own and this site really helped me figure everything out!!
- Ms. R

Thank you and godbless
My text book really sucks and I'm very thankful that you have all of these tutorials. I finished my last two questions because of your site! Thank you and godbless.
- Rob V.

Amazing Videos
Just wanted to say that your videos are amazing. I'm watching them and they really help me understand. The way you explain and go through everything is amazing. Thank you soo much!
- Design X

Saved a Ton of Time!
You have just saved me so much time, I cannot thank you enough!
- L. J.

Thank You!
Thank you for sharing these important tips. Your voice is clear and the steps are clear. It is easy to follow. Thank you!
- Kent

Saved Me Time
Thanks for the tutorials, I never had to do this before today and I needed it done very quickly. These videos saved me time I didn't have!
- Mitchel S.

Thank You!
Thank you! Helped me so much!
- M. Clean

Excellent Tutor
I was just listening to the tutorial online and I must say that the tutor is doing an excellent job.
- D. B.

Tutorial and Training Product Overview

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Online Video Tutorials for Microsoft Office
We offer online video tutorials for many Microsoft Office programs, and every tutorial comes with a description of what is contained in the tutorial as well as any source or project files that were used in the tutorial.

Play, pause, and rewind through our HD and HQ video tutorials whenever you want as often as you want.

Currently, we offer tutorials for these programs:
Excel - Course Overview
Access - Course Overview
Word - Course Overview
PowerPoint - Course Overview
Solutions for Individuals, Students, Businesses, and Academic Institutions
We offer many different types of subscription solutions including for individual or personal subscriptions, business or multi-user subscriptions, as well as academic subscriptions and licenses.
High Quality Tutorials with Project Files - Updated Monthly
All video tutorials are recorded in high quality or high definition formats so that you can clearly see the entire screen as well as any data that is being entered or manipulated. Additionally, all tutorials can be viewed full screen.

All tutorials that use source files have those files included for you to download. This allows you to work along with the instructor in order to gain a better understanding of the subject being covered.
Search for Tutorials, Categories, & Topics
Easily find the tutorial you need by searching for it. Our tutorials come with full descriptions so that you are not just searching the titles of the tutorials but also the descriptions of the tutorials. This means that you don't have to know exactly what you need in order to find the right tutorial. The best part about this is that you don't even have to leave the video player to search for tutorials because all of the results appear under the video player.
Bookmark Tutorials and Create Your Own Categories
We offer advanced bookmarking features for our entire video tutorial library. This allows you to create what are called modules. Modules are simply categories that you create, name, and to which you add tutorials. For example, this allows you to create a module or category that includes all of the Excel functions or features that you use most often.
Easy to Use Video Player Interface
Tutorials are viewed through an intuitive and easy to use video player. This player allows for easy access to all of the tutorials, search features, bookmarking/custom modules, and other features that we offer.

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